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We are a team of professionals who offer

  • Genius Program
  • Da Vinci Physics Kit
  • Teaching Plants
  • Eureka Makerspace

We truly believe the future is unmade and today's students are tomorrow's innovators. As we started to train our own kids in science and maths, we realised we need to share the joy of teaching and learning to every middle school student. We curated a set of tools and programs for every school to teach science and math in a way students will remember but also invoke curiosity to innovate and create things in an unshaped future.

Established in the year of 2018 our education platform under RF Tech aims at bringing future technologies for Indian Students. We aim at making learning fun for all age groups. Root learning, Across Curriculum, Personalized education and purpose of education is what we try to achieve.

Genius Students have excelled on strong fundamentals through our genuis programme

Educational Courses with easy access and learning from anywhere around the globe

Years of experience in edutech meeting the demands and slashing the drawbacks of schools

Collaboration with leading schools at various districts around the state


Our Services

Genius Program

130+ Creative Learning Courses in your curriculum

Da Vinci Physics Kit

Robots,3D Printing and VR Kits in your school

Teaching Plants

1000+ Virtual Learning Courses in your hands

Eureka Makerspace

State of the art STEM labs in your schools

Eureka Makespace

Future Oriented

Building platforms on future driven technologies with hands on access

Innovation Hub

Kick starting individual skills with limitless creativity and exploration ground on individual ideas

Accross Curriculum

Equal respect to all subjects with access grant on any syllabus

One Point Solution

A hands on adventure on all technologies under one roof

Root Learning

Conceptual learning with a strong foundation on fundamentals

Personalized Education

Imporvise on pupil potential and tap in indivudual creative and innovative skills

Life Cell

Combo of 3 Subjects

Life Cell combines three main subjects namely Biology, Geography and Environmental Science.

Tech With Live Plants

Understanding plants through special sensors. They monitor the factors that influence plant growth.

Inducing Interest In Science

Science combined with life cell paves way for students to come up with new innovations. Thereby combating global warming and lack of food supply.


Grow plants with no soil. Hydroponics grows crops directly in nutrient rich water.

Promote Better Nutrition

Adequate nutrients are induced to plants through continuous monitoring. This process thereby helps plants to get all its nutrients.

Concern On Planet

Carbon capture is effectively done by plants and trees. Life cell aim at creating this ecosystem thereby reducing global warming.

Teaching Sky

Nasa Educator Courses

Teaching Sky has NASA educator courses incorporated in its stream with students having in depth knowledge and practical activities, which help in understanding more about the solar system.

Astronomy Knowledge

Observing astronomical and natural events by visually experiencing them through telescopes. Hand on experience with our robots will provide students with in-depth knowledge on astronomy.


Explore the infinite solar system with our telescopes provided in the teaching sky. Get another dimension of planets, their moons, comets, asteroids and other objects in outer space.


Robots used in teaching sky have similar functionalities to a real size space rover. Thereby providing real-time experience with that very similar to the ones out in space.

Inducing Interest In Science

Hands on experience in the teaching sky environment will induce interest in science to our students.This provides real knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.

Creating Scientific Jobs

Advancement in science and technology is opening up new scientific jobs for the upcoming generation.Educating your children with the right skill set will widen their job opportunities in future.


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  • Eureka Makerspace
  • 3D Printing
  • Life Cell
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Eureka Makespace


Robotics Space

3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing

Life Cell

Life Cell

Life Cell

Teaching Sky

Teaching Sky

Teaching Sky



  • Tablet
  • 3D pen
  • Activity Book
  • Genius Educational Kit
  • Anywhere Campus Access
  • Physics Eductional Course
  • Mathematics Educational Course


  • Newton
  • +
  • Eureka Sign Board
  • Virtual Reality Board
  • Virtual Reality Speaker
  • Robotic Educational Kits
  • Robotic Educational Course
  • 3D Printer Eductional Kit
  • 3D Printer Eductional Course
  • Virtual Reality Projector


  • Newton + Einstein
  • +
  • Table
  • Mini Pc
  • Equipment Wall
  • Lounge Chair
  • Work Station
  • Grafiti Posters
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Partition
  • Standard equipments


Nov 2018

Robotics Education

Kick started Robotic education training for students

May 2019

Anywhere Campus

Design and Development of anywhere campus

Nov 2019

Genius program and Eureka Makerspace

New stream of education focus using Genius program and Eureka Makerspace

Feb 2020

Davinci Physics Kit

Davinci Physics Kit - exploration on physics to build the basics right

Aug 2021

Bio and Geo

Streaming into biology and geography using teaching plants.

Jan 2022

Astronomy Laboratory

Pitching into space with Astronomy Laboratory

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